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Swing check valve class 900Lb

Model: H
Diameter: 2" 2-1/2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 8" 10" 12"
Medium:Rinsing, Steam, Dead oil, W.O.G.,HNO3,CH3OOH etc
Pressure: 900Lb
Applicable Temperature: -29~550°C
Body Materials: ASTM A216 GR.WCB
Applicable Industry: Urban Construction,Chemical,metallurgy,Oil,Pharmaceutical,Food,Beverage,Environmental protection

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Swing check valve class 900Lb Characteristic use

1.Face to Face Dimensions: ANSIB16.10
2.Basic Design: API 6D£BS 1868
3.End Flange Dimensions: ANSI B16.5
3.Test Standard: API 598Face to Face Dimensions: ANSIB16.10
4.Test Standard: API 598

Swing check valve class 900Lb GAD plans
Swing check valve class 900Lb structure drawing